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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified


Caylee Williams

ECE, IT, SN Teacher /

Owner Operator Director Taylin Child Care

Hello! Welcome. I'm Ms.Caylee! I am a mother of two children; my daughter Taylor and son Linden . I am married to my husband and best friend Mike in 2011. I also have two dogs named Chico and Pepper my chihuahuas, and a black cat named Bailey. I enjoy being outside and flourish in nature.  Watching my children continue to grow has been a blessing. I have always wanted to be a mom. I am a business women with over 10 years experience in upper management. Taylin Childcare is the second business I have owned and operated. I started Taylin Threads Clothing in 2013. I hand made all the pieces using 7 different sewing machines in my basement. It kept myself busy for many years. I wanted to continue my dreams of starting a childcare but waited until my children were a bit older before I took this on. My passion for child development and quality care has lead me to open my own centre. I am strong believer that all children learn through play. Social and Emotional regulation is a key part in growing. The foundations of play are so important in the early years and it is what sets a child up for their success.


ECE teacher- Junior Kindergarten Supervisor

Facility Manager Fort Langley

Hello Families!! My name is Tamara Darby and I am excited to start my new adventure at Taylin Childcare in Fort Langley.  I have always had a passion for working with children at a young age.  I took my ECE in 2000 and when I had my children I ran a LNR in my home for 14 years.  In 2020 I closed my LNR and I went to work in a large childcare center.  I love watching children grow and learn in their environment. I enjoy doing open ended art and free play as well as singing and dancing with movements and reading stories.   Children have always been drawn to my calm and loving demeanor which helps children become comfortable and engaged in the classroom.  I have been married for 17 years; have 2 children Chloe 16 years and Blake 14 years.  I have 2 dogs, 1 cat and a goldfish pond.  I love to garden and be with my family. I am a very easy going person who is easy to talk to.   I am also a respite worker for foster children which I absolutely love doing. I look forward to seeing your children smile’s and make memories. 

Amanada Pihan.png

Amanda Pihan
Before and After School Supervisor
Fort Langley

Hello families! My name is Amanda and I am thrilled to meet and get to know you all. I believe every child has a rich contribution to the world and those around them. Therefore, through my position I want to help your children to harvest their fullest potential while supporting them on their unique learning journeys. I absolutely love children’s confounding ways of approaching what they see throughout the world around them, especially their curiosity and imagination. Not only am I intrigued with working with children, I am currently working on my B.A. in order to become a high school teacher. My passion is English/literature which I hope to teach in the coming future. To add, in my free time I enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities. The most important being ridding and racing dirt bikes. I fully appreciate the jubilation ridding has brought in to my life and the way it has enhanced my character. Please feel free to stop in and say hi when you see me as I always would love to chat ! 


Samantha Bookless
ECE Teacher - Taylin Administrative Manager

Hi! My name is Samantha Bookless. I have been in the ECE field for over 15 years! I started off as a nanny when I was 17 and then went to school to get my early childhood education certificate. I am passionate about early learning. Children are so curious about the world around them!

I love seeing them interact in their environment and explore materials available to them. Their imaginations are so incredible as they are learning so much about the world! 

My husband and I have been married for 9 years and we have  2  girls, Quinn and Isabella. I enjoy exploring with them, going on bike rides, parks and playing games.


Jaineil Lal
ECE Teacher School Age Supervisor

Hi! My name is Jaineil Lal aka Mr. Jai (Jay) and I've been a ECE for the past 7 years. Though the last few years I've spent a majority of my time working with infants and toddlers, prior to that I worked with the preschool and school aged children. From a young age children have always been drawn to me, however I never really considered it as a career until about 10 years ago. I finally took my ECE aunt's advice and decided to give it a shot and haven't looked back since. 
I believe the best way to teach children is by respecting them as individuals and allowing them to observe and explore at their own pace, giving them ample space and opportunity to learn and grow. When I'm not at work you can find me watching football or hockey, playing board/video games, reading and spending time with my family and friends. 


Tabatha Coates
ECE Teacher Multi Age
Salmon River

Hello, my name is Tabatha. I have been an ECE for more then 10 years. I love teaching and caring for young children. Since I was 11 I have worked with children in so many ways. I started with babysitting cousins, and after I had my own children I knew what I wanted to do was continue providing care for children in anyway I could. I have two boys of my own named Shawn and Kurtis, and I have been married to my high-school sweetheart Rick for 17 years. I love watching my son Shawn play Lacrosse and going on adventurers with Kurtis.


Karlee Henderson
ECE Teacher Supervisor Junior Kindergarten
Facility Manager Willoughby

Hi families! My name is Karlee and I am super excited to meet and build connections with all of you!  I have been an ECE for about 5 years now and love it!  In the past I have worked as a lead teacher in preschool aged classrooms and it's truly my favorite place to be. 

I believe that each child is different and unique, and allowing them to have the space to explore and observe is crucial to their development. Each child will grow and learn when they are ready and as their teacher, I am there to support them! I love seeing the children interact in their environment and explore the invitations to play they are given. I consider myself a very creative individual and am super excited to bring that into the classroom!

I have been married to my husband for a little over a year now. In our free time we love to be outdoors, going to the gym, and spending time with friends and family


Ruth Silver
ECE/IT Supervisor Infant Toddler Room
South Surrey

 Hi I'm Ruth AKA "Miss Ruth" and I have been passionetly working with children of all ages for over 10 years. I currently hold my ECE/ IT and am always looking at ways to improve myself as an Educator.  I live in Brookswood with my husband our 2 children, Emmitt and Isabella and our dog Chase.

 I enjoy working with my hands and find it relaxing when I express myself creatively. 

 My passion of working with young children began in my neighbourhood as a child myself. I would look after all the young children and babies and when I got older I began to volunteer at kids camps as a leader. I always knew at a very young age, that I would one day dedicate my career around the care of children. 

 I have always found it incredibly rewarding to work with young children and feel the resposiblity as an Educator to tap into their beautiful genuine curiosity, love, compassion and motivation for the world around them. Children can teach us so much about how we could live a better life, and if we just stepped back for a moment and observed their genuine nature, we would realize that if we looked at the world through the eyes of a child our world would look alot more beautiful.


Lindsey Hannah
ECE Teacher Junior Kindergarten Fort Langley

Hello! I’ve been working with preschoolers in the Willoughby community since 2008 and have enjoyed meeting and working with so many families in Langley.  I currently live in Abbotsford with my husband and our two girls; Mae who is 6 and Lily who is 3.  We enjoy exploring different parks and lakes around the Fraser Valley and working in our yard. Family is important to us and we spend a lot of time with the grandparents and cousins. 

I am passionate about play and providing unique experiences for children to discover and grow  in.  I love watching the children and families build relationships within the preschool and start friendships that have lasted long past the preschool years.  

I believe in the importance of an inclusive environment for all children and work with families to provide an environment that their children can be successful in. Every child’s uniqueness will be nurtured and considered as we go through our days. I am always grateful at the trust parents put in us to take care of their children. 


 Emily Lukan
Responsible Adult School Age
Teacher Fort Langley


Hello! My name is Emily and I am so excited to get to know all of you! I am starting my journey of becoming a teacher at KPU this year as I have always loved working with kids. I believe that being able to give youth a space to explore who they are while giving them lots of opportunities to learn is the best way to guide them to their fullest potential.

 I love introducing new things into the classroom such as different painting styles, science experiments, crafts and games to play. When I'm not at work you can find me playing softball, baking, out in nature, or just surrounded by my friends and family.


 Kaitlin McKay
ECEA South Surrey 3-5 room

Hi! My name is Kaitlin McKay. I have always enjoyed working with kids and helping them achieve all of their goals. I received my education assistant diploma from Sprott Shaw college in December 2021 and have been working with children in daycare since. I hope to one day go back to school and become a teacher. I believe one of the most important things to teach children is ways to regulate your emotions. This will help them problem solve and create lots of relationships with their peers. Seeing students use techniques that they learn from  us teacher makes me so proud! 

When I’m not at work I am often crafting, doing photography or going on an adventure. I look forward to getting to know you!


 Lynsi Hunter
Early Childhood Educator
Supervisor Salmon River

Hi! My name is Lynsi. 

I have always known I wanted to work with children from the time I was young!

I started out doing before and after school age care and then decided I wanted to expand my education to work with the younger children.

I find working with children is very rewarding. I love building connections with children and families. Seeing the smiles on children’s faces during the day is one of the many perks of the job. 

I enjoy being super creative in the classroom, from open ended art activities to food arts etc. I strive to create a beautiful, safe, and nurturing classroom. I want to give the children the security and opportunity to discover themselves and the world around them. 


I have 4 fur babies which are cats, could say I’m a crazy cat lady. I enjoy online shopping, watching movies and learning new things. 


 Lucy Price
ECE/IT Infant Toddler Room 
South Surrey


Greetings families, my name is Lucy. I was born In Québec, my family moved to Ottawa when I was 14yrs old. I completed my high school right through grade 13. I attended Algonquin College for two years to obtain my ECE diploma.

I had the opportunity to work at Edgewood Daycare for three years. It was the first center of its kind in Canada to join both daycare & senior residence. It was amazing to see the seniors' faces light up when the children visited on special days. 

I moved to BC in 1989 & found work Ata teen parenting program where I stayed for 31yrs-until the center closed it's doors. Working with the young mom was at once challenging but so rewarding. I took a small break after that but I missed the babies so much that I had to come back. I look forward to meeting everybody & getting to know the children as I guide them on their life's journey while in our care. 

On my days off, you will find me walking my dogs through nature trails or better yet, riding my horse in CVP. I have an artistique nature & gave explored toll painting, jewellery making, knitting. I also love to curl up in front of fire place with a good book. 


 Miranda Bruce
3-5 room Supervisor
South Surrey


My name is Miranda, I have the most supportive spouse, two young children and a nine year old Border Collie.  My son is half Fijian and my daughter is half Inuit.

I have been working and continuously learning in the Early Childhood profession for 11 years. 

I have worked in many licensed facilities as well as an in home caregiver for a family of four with two boys. I spent 3 years with this family and sadly but excitedly moved on as I was expecting my second child. 

The Reggio Emilia Approach is a student centered curriculum that I believe children thrive in, and feel it’s such a great way to engage with my students. After having a son of my own that had many struggles in his early years, I passionately strive to give children the tools they need to gain self confidence to be the best version of themselves; setting your children up for success is always my goal. 

When I am home with my children we are often out walking, finding spontaneous adventures, going for drives day dreaming of life after the kids grow up or eating delicious food. 

I am so excited to learn all about your children and watch each individual child flourish.


 Natalie Benakova
Responsible Adult School Age Program
Fort Langley

Hello! My name is Natalie, I’m 24 years old born February 12th. I’m an Aquarius with lots of personality. I like to work hands on and get artsy, if there’s a project I’m there! My favourite colour is mint green. I love spending time with my dog Zeus, we’re constantly going on outdoor adventures. My favourite thing to do with my time is drawing and taking photos!

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