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Caylee Williams

ECE, IT, SN Teacher / Owner Operator Taylin Child Care

Hello! Welcome. I'm Caylee. Children call me Miss.Caylee. I am a mother of two children; my daughter Taylor 6, and son Linden 4. We recently moved to our new home/daycare Centre in Februrary 2020. I got married to my husband Mike in 2011. Mike is a great dad and is very involved with the kids. I also have a dog Chico the chihuahua, and a black cat named Bailey. I enjoy nature, and being outside. I love to take holidays with my family and enjoy those special moments. Watching my children continue to grow has been a blessing. I have always wanted to be a mom. I am a business women who enjoys starting new business'. Taylin Childcare will be the second business i have owned and operated. I started Taylin Threads Clothing in 2013. I hand made all the pieces using 7 different sewing machines in my basement. It kept me busy for many years. I wanted to continue my dreams of starting a childcare. I wanted to wait until my children were a bit older before i took this on. Taylin Threads allowed me to work from home, but it was now time to start a new business- Taylin Childcare. I am beyond excited and blessed to start this new chapter.

Danica Terlecki

ECE teacher- Preschool Supervisor Willoughby

I have been a passionate Early Childhood Educator for over 17 years, spending the majority of those years teaching in Licensed Preschools.

I strive to create meaningful relationships with my students and their families. I believe in offering a play-based curriculum that caters to all areas of a child's development with a strong focus on social and emotional learning. I am continuously upgrading my knowledge of the Early Childhood years and work to evolve as a teacher in order to meet the individual needs of each child.

I am a busy wife and mother to 2 young children. Whenever possible, I like to escape to the peace of my backyard and putter in my gardens.

Taylor Holding
ECE assistant Preschool Teacher and Before and After School Teacher Willoughby

Since 2012 I have had countless wonderful experiences working with children and families. I’ve worked as a trusted live-in care provider in a foster home with First Nations children, a children's/family entertainer in BC’s Lower Mainland building community connections, fundraising, volunteering, and celebrating the lives of our young ones, worked in support of children with ASD and other learning disabilities, and currently as a childcare provider with Taylin Childcare!

The intention in my work is within sustaining a safe, supportive, trusted space that invokes a sense of kinship and kindness. 

My approach is witnessing and recognizing the giftedness and unique passions of each child, and to facilitate fruitful learning experiences and opportunities for them. I am passionate about cultivating kind relationships with one another, as well as our earth so as to invite, honour, and celebrate diversity within all of life in a sustainable way. Additionally I apply my love and proficiency in music, theatre, and movement expression to reinforce these connections and learning!

I am excited to be furthering my studies in Early Childhood Education, aspire to continue to learn with, and integrate the teachings of our sacred wisdom traditions of the planet... all while I create and share my music in every opportunity possible!